6-YEAR / 90,000 KM CITROËN Confidence Servicing at BELCAR

Citroen Safety Check Offer | Q1 2017
Citroen Brake Pad Replacement Offer | Q1 2017

No one likes hidden costs. That’s why all CITROËN models purchased after 1st March 2015 receive a 6-year or 90,000KM (whichever comes first) Confidence Price Servicing Plan, which provides you with a quality service for a maximum fixed price for each of the first six (6) scheduled services* (conducted annually or at specified km milestones, whichever occurs first.)

Once you purchase a Citroen vehicle from an authorised dealer, the price of each service will be fixed for the duration of your plan at the prices applicable at that time.** To see our current pricing schedule, please click here.

The Confidence Price Servicing Plan also gives you the confidence that your Citroen is being cared for in the best possible way. The Citroen dealer network has the technical expertise and specialised equipment to service your Citroen to the manufacturer’s specifications and thereby maintain the highest of quality standards. There is also the confidence that comes from knowing that only factory-trained technicians will be working on your car, and that they will only be using genuine parts.

* The full terms and conditions of CITROËN Confidence Price Servicing Plan is available here
** The prices displayed include GST. Any change to the GST rate will affect the total price of the service.

Citroen 6 year Unlimited Km Warranty & Roadside Assist

Drive with peace of mind


CITROËN Roadside Assist has been designed to give you support when you need it most. Drive your CITROËN with the confidence of knowing that one call provides nationwide assistance, at any time of the day or night for 6 years. Simply call 1800 643 998.

Relax with CITROËN's comprehensive factory warranty


In addition to the confidence program CITROËN also provides one of the most innovative new vehicle warranties in Australia.

Visit the CITROËN website for full details

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Offers valid on CITROEN vehicles with warranty start dates which are 3 years old or over.
Offer ends May 31, 2017.
– C2 front brake pads fitted $190
– C2 rear brake pads fitted $235
– C3 (up to MY12) front brake pads fitted $305
– C3 (up to MY12) rear brake pads fitted $235
– C4 (up to MY12) front brake pads fitted $255
– C4 (up to MY12) rear brake pads fitted $245
– C4 Picasso (up to MY12) front brake pads fitted $225
– C4 Picasso (up to MY12) rear brake pads fitted $260
– C5 (up to MY12) front brake pads fitted $252
– C5 (up to MY12) rear brake pads fitted $252
– Berlingo (up to MY12) front brake pads fitted $258

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